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Hi, I'm Miss Rica Web!

Sometimes it's easier to connect with students if they know a little about the teacher as a person. On this page I'll tell my class a little about myself (e.g., my hobbies and interests, how I first became interested in my subject), as well as including more practical information like how to get in touch with me, when I hold office hours, my e-mail address, and my phone number.

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History - Divine and World, Social Studies

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My Objective

To be able to guide, coach, and inspire students in Language Arts, Science, Math, and Social Studies; to be able to develop more educational programs such as distance teaching and online learning in Elementary Education to encourage the students to pursue the love of learning even beyond the classroom.

My Passport to Teaching Official Score Report in Multiple Subjects

Teacher Bear

Have fun learning!

Office hours: Online
Office location: Online
Office Phone Number: Online

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Have a nice day!